08 April 2008

News Wire: (Mostly) Underwater Edition

Three of the four science stories that caught my eye this morning take place under water:

"Case study: Making waves with new power generation technology" (Financial Times)
"What's Making That Awful Racket? Surprisingly, It May Be Fish" (New York Times)
"Growing Pains for a Deep-See Home Built of Subway Cars" (New York Times)

Not content with those choices? The last story involves the Monty Hall problem applied to psychology experiment:

"And Behind Door No. 1, a Fatal Flaw" (New York Times)

The answer to the MHP is pretty neat, a great example of the kind of reasoning you can do when you're willing to consider the counterintuitive.

(Full disclosure: the MHP, along with the Birthday problem and the Shake of the Day problem, have all been covered by what we might as well call the Society for Spontaneously Arguing About Math in Taverns. I originally got it wrong.)

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