01 April 2008

Long Time No Hear, Here

Just a quick announcement: Natalia Zukerman is finally coming back to Madison! She'll be playing at Cafe Montmartre (it's still gonna be there, right?) on April 23, according to her mailing list. Time, cost, and opening act are all TBA.

Zukerman is one of my favorite artists, despite my general lack of interest in acoustic singer/songwriters. Why? Well, because she's a great instrumentalist (her dad is Pinchas Zukerman, not that I'd guess he taught her much about slide guitar); her songs are clever, sophisticated, and harmonically interesting; and her genre-mashing choices are right in my sweet spot.

Zukerman is a terrific live performer (funny, warm, great voice), and she recorded her new album at Willie Porter's studio (my friend Patrick and I discovered her when she opened for him a while back), so I'm especially pumped about its release as well. Let me know if you're interested in coming with me.

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Kyle Matthew Oliver said...

Shoot, I just got an email that this Natalia show is on the same date and time as Talib Kweli, who's headlining this year's All Campus Party. The only two shows all semester that I really want to go to, and they're on the same night. Figures.