04 April 2008

I Didn't Know We Could Do That

Two fascinating stories off the morning science wire today:

Paper planes tested for launch into space --What have aerospace engineers got to lose? Everything but a single sheet of spray-coated sugar cane paper, apparently. I mentioned this project a while back, and I just can't get enough of it. I hope it works.

10 impossibilities conquered by science -- I like all the decisions except the one to begin the title with a numeral. "Harnessing nuclear power"comes in at number five.

Funny story about number three (heavier-than-air flight): Apparently whenever one of my professors sits next to someone on an airplane who's complaining about a delay due to technical problems (you know, the whole "in this day and age" bit), he just looks at the person and says "Well, I'm a professor of engineering physics, and I'm amazed they work at all. Let me tell you about what can go wrong..." I guess that usually shuts the person up.

I'm gone this weekend at a church retreat at Turkey Run State Park in Indiana. Beautiful place, should be a nice weekend.

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