13 March 2008

Proof That Programmers Write the Coolest Master's Theses

You've got to check out Phun, a wickedly cool piece of software written by Emil Ernerfeldt at the VRlab. Phun was his Master's project in computing science, and it's a terrific 2-D multi-physics simulation.

It's no coincidence, though, that Phun is more commonly described as "the greatest computer toy in the history of the universe" or, by Ernerfeldt himself, as "a playground where people can be creative." Steven Hawking jokes in A Brief History of Time about his publisher's admonition that, for each equation he used, he'd lose half his audience (I'll let you guess which one he went with). I wonder how much of your audience you lose by using the phrase "2-D multi-physics simulation" (or, come to think of it, "Coolest Master's Theses"...).

(Hat tip: ASEE's Engineering &...)

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