01 March 2008

The Hacker Within: Baseball Edition

With a little help from geek and proud, I'm now able to listen to MLB.TV radio broadcast streams on Kermit, the Linux machine I work at. Using the MediaPlayerConnectivity plug-in Alan suggests and choosing Totem as the default player in the configuration wizard seems to do the trick on my system ("i686-redhat-linux-gnu" according to configure).

I couldn't get the video to work, though. I don't view much MLB.TV video at work anyway, so you'd think I'd have been able to leave it at that. I couldn't. I spent much of the afternoon reading up on Silverlight and Moonlight, GStreamer and Pitdll. I battled with autotools and Mono distributions. I was defeated. Hopefully the Moonlight people get a Firefox plug-in finished soon. They're working pretty hard, from the sound of it.

Speaking of computing in the name of baseball, stay tuned for a report on draft.gms, my network flow model that will hopefully let GAMS choose my fantasy baseball draft picks. I think I can do it as a modified assignment problem with the help of little tuning trick I learned about in a breast cancer diagnosis project I learned about in linear programming last semester. I'm sure you're on the edge of your seat.


alan said...

I haven't been able to get moonlight working, either. Last year, the video was done with flash, not silverlight. MLB just doesn't seem to want Linux uses to be able to watch. Last year's worked just fine, I don't have any idea why they felt the need to change it.

alan said...

Update: I just upgraded to Hardy Heron (Ubuntu 8.04), and the mlb.tv demo is now working. I'm not sure if it's using the moonlight plugin I built before but something else is fixed, or if it just included it in the upgrade/install. I haven't subscribed to the service again yet. I'm going to play with it some more first.