22 March 2008

Five-Minute Posts: Sour Apples

This article from today's New York Times is kinda interesting. I'm fairly Apple-neutral, but I enjoyed seeing the fanatics get called out a bit.

We talked about something similar to "hostile media phenomenon" in the DOE weapons non-proliferation seminar I went to a couple of years ago at Mizzou. No matter how neutral an article about nuclear technology is, someone is bound to think it biased. I'll probably post on this issue later--it poses interesting problems for journalists, as you'd expect.


jimfinity said...

I read this article too, and it made me consider not how people view news media, but how they view perspective politicians. I drew some interesting conclusions. Namely that this phenomena accounts for the lack of political candidates with a relatively moderate outlook.

Kyle Matthew Oliver said...

Interesting point, Jim. Do you mean because moderates get attacked by both sides?