05 February 2008

Wonderful Life

I haven't talked much about faith on this blog. However, my faith is an important part of my life, so I'm sure that will change as time goes on.

Case in point: On the precipice of the great contemplative wilderness that is Lent, I couldn't help but reflect a bit on Pursing Synthetic Life, Dazzled By Reality, from today's Science Times. Whether we believe that it evolved or that it was created by God--or, pace Richard Dawkins, that those two positions are not mutually exclusive--I hope the diversity of life discussed in this piece fills us all with the same sense of awe, wonder, and mystery that motivates these researchers. In my opinion, prudential enthusiasm about the possibilities (for the betterment of humankind and the planet) that some synthetic life could offer is in order as well.

Cause for more light-hearted rumination appears in Feel Like a Fraud? At Times, Maybe You Should from same. It was nice to have some validation for the constant feelings of inadequacy that plague myself and my fellow grad students.

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