28 February 2008


First, some Sunday Judgment bonus content: ambivalent does not mean apathetic. It means you have mixed emotions, not none. That drives me crazy.

Here are two stories I'm ambivalent about:

(1) "Nielsen Looks Beyond TV, and Hits Roadblocks" -- This article kinda scares the hell out of me. On the other hand, I think a more holistic picture of exactly what media people are consuming will help us better vote with our dollars and eyeballs. In the end, I think it's good news for fans of good content. For instance, I think Aaron Sorkin suggested that Studio 60 would have had a better shot at sticking around if Internet viewing (and re-viewing) stats had been more important to NBC. If it means Aaron Sorkin shows will have a better shot at surviving, I'm all for it--pretty much regardless of the consequences, I think.

(2) "Fewer Youths Jump Behind the Wheel at 16" -- Part of me was thinking "what the hell is wrong with these kids?" But part of me was thinking that a little un-romanticizing of this rite of passage, and the main activity that goes with it, is probably just what the atmosphere needs.

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