07 October 2012

Bohr Doodle Googlers: Welcome

I've written in the past that one of the best things I ever did for my blog's traffic was to name it after a Latin expression that folks occasionally have reason to look up. For the kind of traffic I'm used to, today is a significant day for this phenomenon. That's because the phrase "contraria sunt complementa" is mentioned in at least one of the write-ups for today's Google Doodle send-up of Niels Bohr.

So if you've found this blog because of the Doodle and your curiosity about this lovely expression, let me just say welcome to you. Although I started this blog when I resided mostly on the latter end of the "letters and science" spectrum (I was a graduate student in nuclear engineering), I've now moved closer to the middle with a technology-heavy ministry job in the Episcopal Church. I remain committed to the idea that opposites are indeed complementary, and I might in particular direct you to an online course I developed about the relationship between science and theology, which course discusses some of the modern physics issues that Bohr had such keen insight into.

Anyway, I'm glad you're here, and I'm glad you're interested in one of my major role models. Here's to Niels Bohr on what would have been his 127th birthday! Enjoy.

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