27 March 2012

Yoder Prize Submission -- "Love Together: A moral-theological reflection"

VTS Dean and President Ian Markham wrote in his commentary today that "The Ronnie A. Yoder Scholarship was established ... as an invitation for VTS seminarians to reflect on the significance and centrality of love as the center for Christian theology, life, preaching, and practice, which can be a theme that unites the major world religions."

I am the very grateful recipient of the Yoder Prize this year, and I thought I'd post my submission here in case there is some interest in reading it. I'd like to thank my wonderful fiancée, Kristin Saylor, who teaches me more about love every day, and my parents, Joanne and Chris Oliver, for setting such a sterling example of "love that can last." Thanks also to Tim Sedgwick for much instruction (in class and by example) about how to write virtue ethics (and much more besides) and to Judge Yoder for his generous support of this scholarship.

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