27 October 2009

Fall Break Update

Sorry for my month-long absence; it's been a wild month or so here at VTS. I hope to make up for it by putting off my final Hebrew studying to tell you a bit about first quarter and share a few photos. Enjoy!

The weather was a lot like it was at Crazylegs 2009 in Madison.

Lined up for a blitz, I think. See the rest of the really excellent pictures (by my friend Cayce Ramey) here.

Second-quarter books! (With Kermit, for scale. Special thanks to Trinity Church for helping me pay for them!)

There are some beautiful fall colors just out the back door of Price Hall (yes, this Price, who apparently wrote one of my favorite prayers in the '79 BCP).

Kristie and me by the WWII memorial on a beautiful afternoon over Columbus Day weekend.


enigmakaty said...

Kyle! Thanks for the update! I'm commenting from here at your old desk, next to Anthony from Austin who's busy plugging a burnup module into the reactor class and some post-reactor cooling facilities.
Have a good trip to new york!

Tony G. said...
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