03 September 2009

DC Must-Sees?

Hey everybody, this instalment of the video blog includes a request for tourist destinations for me to take the folks this weekend. Please chime in in the comments if you have favorite places. Thanks!

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Rob Kennedy said...

I always visit the National Gallery, and the adjoining sculpture garden.

The Capitol visitor center is pretty new. I went in May, and the exhibit was mainly a description of various parts of the Constitution, particularly Article I, so Congress can pat itself on the back and show off its fancy building. Take the tour and see a handful of public rooms plus the statues each state has contributed.

You could walk along streets in Old Town Alexandria. There are a lot of nice shops there, and some good restaurants.

My aunt lives in Northwest Washington, so we drive to her house via Massachusetts Avenue and play "Name that Embassy."

She subscribes to Washingtonian Magazine, which always has lots of things to do, including listings for art galleries (hours and special exhibits), theaters, and other events going on that month. You could find a copy at a newsstand, or use the new-fangled Internet version.