30 April 2009

Some atoms? Some CHEMICALS?

I was looking up some citation information on a text I use a lot but don't have on me today when I stumbled across this wonderfully bizarre customer review on Amazon. Those of you familiar with Benedict and Pigford's Nuclear Chemical Engineering may find this especially funny, but I thought the prose was amusing enough that I had to share.

I'm always supportive of huzzah, but--as is so often the case--the bewilderment sets in when you try to parse the all-caps text. Also, I wonder if we might adopt prehaps as a new nuclear safety term for the means by which we prevent mishaps.


But seriously folks, this is the MOTHER of nuclear chemical engineering novelas! If you plan on reading this book be prepared to BUCKLE UP because you're going for a RIDE. A ride to Nuclear Chemical Engineering LAND! Huzzah! What have we here? Some atoms? Some CHEMICALS? Prehaps this CHEMICAL SOUP ISN'T SO BAD AFTER ALL! BOKKO!

Here's the link.

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