18 June 2008


Well, in its 69-year history, the Baseball Hall of Fame Game has been rained out five times. My dad and I have now had tickets to two of those rain outs (including one back in the '90s when I was a little boy). The "good" news: we won't miss another. The bad news: that's because this was going to be the last one. Ah well.

Despite the lack of baseball, my dad and I had a great little Father's Day trip out east. We stayed at a camp on Great Sacandaga on Saturday (my mom's side) and hung out at another on Goodyear Lake on Sunday with a bunch of relatives I haven't seen in years (my dad's side). Many clams and beers were consumed, stories told, etc. (For those of you without any roots in upstate New York, "a camp" is what we'd call "a cabin" in Wisconsin).

As for Cooperstown, I think the locals lack a certain perspective on why this game is being discontinued, but I'm sad to see it go nevertheless. I hope they go to a "Legends Game" format or something in the future--in my opinion, that might actually be more interesting than watching a bunch of minor leaguers play for the disinterested major leaguers sitting on the bench griping about having to make the trip for an exhibition game (then again, I never got the chance to see even that, so I can't know for sure). Either that or make the game count, but that's never going to happen, since it would mean ridiculous lost revenue (historic Doubleday Field holds like 10,000 people). Anyway, it's always a good time when you get to go to Cooperstown, so I'm grateful for the trip, regardless. Plus, I'm going to four Brewers games in the next two weeks, so I should get my fill of live ball.

Sorry for my continued absence on CSC. I'm still having a strange but very busy and rewarding summer, the details of which I'll share when the time seems right.

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