21 January 2008

Balancing Act, Part I: Introduction

If you've been following CSC, you've probably noticed that it's been a little science-heavy for a blog that aspires to straddle the letters-and-science spectrum. Blame the lopsidedness of my life, in part, but also blame the NFL playoffs.

You see, my not-so-double life as a full-time engineering grad student and part-time freelance writer and editor (the latter more to preserve my sanity than to pay the bills) dictates that almost all of my freelance work gets done on weekends and semester breaks (the timing of this blog's launch is no coincidence). Thus, the writing/editing/humanities-grab-bag aspect of this blog is (I believe) going to take shape on the weekends, which is when I try to temporarily forget about science (at least when GENIUS is behaving itself and the homework situation is favorable). But since I'm a good green-blooded Wisconsinite, that weekend shape-taking has been usurped of late by Packers playoff games--at least until yesterday's frustrating loss (what happened to the run game, Mike?).

So, to even things up, I give you a trifecta of posts that don't mention science any more than I already have (unless I just can't help myself or it becomes genuinely necessary, which latter would only serve to reinforce this blog's complementary M.O.).

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